Artist Statement

The guitar is a beautiful form that carries  with it certain elegant-feminine subtleties and intrinsic stature by way of design. I have admired guitars since childhood. My love and interest for the instrument lay dormant for years until an acquaintance challenged me to make a guitar sculpture. I sat on the idea for a year, probably because I was intimidated by the idea. After all, does the guitar need any help being an amazing form? The answer is no. However, I did finally come to realize that the guitar should be celebrated. 

The guitar is an iconic instrument that is woven into the fabric of American life. Tens of millions guitars, like a heavenly host, have descended into American pop-culture. Some lay idle in the rooms of houses, while others are adored by the laymen who attempt to extract their sweet sound. War-lords of packed arenas attempt to make the angelic instruments submit. Only a handful  have even  come close.

In 2011, I accepted the challenge and created a crude yet viable object of art that did actually pay tribute to the venerable instrument. The moment I completed that first guitar, I realized the potential for a “Guitar” Exhibit. I began to sketch design after design until a cogent body of works evolved like a blueprint seared in my mind. At this point, I became a slave to my vision and passion. Now “Guitars” is my obsession. I would create guitar gates, lighting, wind chimes and even tables, as well as pure sculptural pieces.

“Guitars” is a heart-driven, pure-passion endeavor. 
This is my statement and I’m sticking to it!

Dale Evers

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